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Mosquito Repellent Tips

Mosquito Repellent Tips

Mosquito bites can be the worst. They itch like crazy , which can drive one mad.  Mosquitos also carry disease and keeping them away from you and your family is in your best interest.  The best way to protect yourself from mosquitos, is a good mosquito repellent. Store bought brands may work well, however, also contain many chemicals. Chemicals that can either possibly cause allergic reactions or that could be harmful to children. Here are some helpful mosquito repellent tips.

Vanilla Scented Home-Made Repellent

First of all, you need to get your hands on a spray bottle around sixteen ounces big. These are easy to find at any local grocery store or craft store. However, extremely handy to have around the house, so pick a few when you can.This recipe requires: a 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 15 drops of lavender oil, and 3/4 cup of vanilla extract. Now you just combine four simply ingredients and shake. Lavender essential oil can be found at health food stores, craft stores or purchased on the internet. It is known to naturally carry a distinct smell that mosquitoes dislike but they human counterparts seem to find pleasing.

Smells Like Candy Canes But It Really Is Bug Repellent

Peppermint essential oils are another tasty option to repelling bugs all day long. For some reason, peppermint is a natural deterrent to mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. The children will especially love this home- made repellent because of how yummy and fresh they will smell all day. Step one, gather your ingredients : 2 tsp. of witch hazel, 10 drops of lemongrass essential oils, 10 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oils , 25 drops of peppermint essential oils and water . Grab one of those extra spray bottles lying around the house, combine everything, and shake. You are all set. This particular repellent is excellent for kids because the CDC states that the lemon eucalyptus is the best natural alternative to DEET.  Here is a video showing you how to make your own.


Studies have shown that mosquito repellents containing high levels of DEET, can be hazardous to a person’s health. No one is telling you not to buy them. Nor that they do not work. Many individuals prefer manufactured products that contain DEET. They feel it works much better in different conditions than a natural product would not. Just remember that if you do choose the all natural route, that name lemon eucalyptus. The pure essential oils have been known in some reviews to work ten times more effectively than its chemical counterpart. Plus, you can decide what smells better, bug spray or lemon.